I started this blog and webpage as a intent to have a more or less of a personal blog, but I wanted to make
it more of a blog where there are solutions to problems that are not usualy found easy on the internet.

We are currently bussy with setting up a forum where people can put questions and solutions for
strange problems. If the problem is big enough it will reach the primary page as well!!

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  • Hyper-V AntiAffinityCollection
    Hi everyone, In Hyper-V there is an option where you can have a virtual cluster (using shared disks or using virtual fibrechannel. But what would happen to the cluster if they are running on the same server that would crash.… Read More
  • Issues with Call Manager Express and Voice connection
    Issues with Call Manager Express and FXO / line voice connection I wanted to give you all something that I had an issue with Cisco Call Manager Express (CUCME). I had two things. One is something I just overlooked, namely… Read More
  • 4G LTE Cisco problems
    Hi All, It has been a while since I posted. Lately I have been trying to get a 4G modem working on a Cisco 1941 router, but kept having issues. First I noticed that the SIM-card wasn’t good but after… Read More
  • Edit Windows registry with Fred (Forensic Registry EDitor)
    Hi all, It has been a while since my last big thing. I needed to do some things on a Windows computer due to a problem with the registry hive. For this I have encountered the folowing program: FRED. This… Read More
  • Tighten secure connections on Windows HTTP(s) Servers
    In the ever continuing war against people reading traffic between client and server, every server administrator should give their clients the best protection they can give while not compromising usability. To test your website for SSL strength you can use… Read More